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Hello everyone! I guess all of you know what CCTV camera is, so here is my question: can I use some kind of jammer to make this rude thing leave me alone?!

asked Oct 28 '11 at 09:21

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edited Jul 05 '12 at 11:36

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JammerStore ♦♦

Hello Hans!

So, you want to deal with annoying CCTV camera (or possibly even cameras) which is making your life worse? Great! Then you need to use that type of signal jamming devices which has a wide spectrum of frequencies held by its jammed frequency bands. I am talking about UHF and VHF jammers, especially this one.

You see, Ultra High and Very High frequency bands are containing a lot of different frequencies in them, thus they are capable of jamming many various electronic equipment, and this is really great, because one this particular device might be very helpful to many people and solve lots of their problems. And it can help you too.

The working frequency of CCTV camera is in the frequency range of this desktop signal jammer, so in the jamming range of this device all CCTV cameras, no matter hidden or not, will be absolutely blocked and unable to transmit any video signals.

If you will have some more questions about jammers, just ask them. And remember, there are probably no such devices which cannot be jammed in eighter way!


answered Oct 28 '11 at 09:55

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JammerStore ♦♦


Can you tell which device should I use to stop the CCTV cameras or any cameras? WB15 Wireless Spy Cam Blocker, Video Jammer does it work for this or what is it doing exactly?


answered Mar 30 '12 at 16:48

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No, WB15 is not for the CCTV cameras, it is for small hidden cameras which are installed secretly in any room. To stop CCTV cameras you need to use UV30 UHF VHF jammer because it blocks the frequencies used by CCTV cameras.


answered Apr 02 '12 at 05:33

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JammerStore ♦♦

Hey! Is it possible to make this jammer directional by adding an aluminum dish pointing in the direction you want to jam? I'm thinking I dont want to jam my own stuff, just the other guys.


answered Jun 18 '12 at 05:48

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Hi Jimmy!

It is hard to say for sure because the signal of this jammer is pretty powerful, though you can try to make it directional in that way. Maybe you will not be able to make it fully directional but it is quite possible that you'll mitigate its working radius a little bit and direct part of its jamming power into the direction you want. In any way, it needs trying out and testing.


answered Jun 18 '12 at 06:03

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JammerStore ♦♦

hi is it possible to use jammer for the mobile phone camera at class room and other commen area? could you any one suggest some idea or jammer available in market


answered Jun 20 '12 at 15:41

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Hello Pradeep!

There is no such jammer that can prevent mobile phone camera from its work. You can block wireless signals in classroom but there is no wireless signal that is used by mobile phone camera so there is simply nothing to block. By jamming all wireless signals you can prevent pictures or videos from that camera from being sent via MMS or shared in social network, but you cannot block cell phone camera with jammer.


answered Jun 21 '12 at 08:58

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JammerStore ♦♦

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