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Hi people! I know that Scan & Target Scan Surveillance For Governments can monitor all my text messages from cell phone or internet. How can I hide them?

asked Dec 14 '11 at 05:17

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Hello Oliver!

Scan & Target company provides real-time text monitoring. They are working with all kinds of text messages including SMS, IM, blogs, forums, e-mails, Facebook, Twitter and others. Their system is designed to work with huge amounts of text data and to recognize information in multilingual regime including Latin, Japanese and Arabic languages.

Considering the sources of text messages analyzed by Scan & Target, you can find out that they are using mobile phone and wireless internet frequencies in order to get the information they need to be analyzed. Thus if you want to reliably secure yourself from their system, you need to use Scan & Target Scan Surveillance jammer that would protect you for sure.

There are many surveillance companies in this world and they would never stop trying to monitor our life, but with the help of signal jammers this life will definitely remain private! ;)


answered Dec 14 '11 at 05:31

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JammerStore ♦♦


As pointed out by JammerStore, Scan & Target technology analyzes social media communications in real time to provide actionable intelligence to brands, service publishers, marketing agencies, government agencies.

This being said, I would like to make it clear that Scan & Target, under any circumstance, neither undertakes any kind of surveillance of its own, nor intercepts any kind of private communication.

We provide an analytical service to the entities listed above (more info on our website : www.scanandtarget.com), currently in the following languages : French, English and Arabic.

The applications of our technology are numerous and widespread, as illustrate our references. http://www.scanandtarget.com/references

I hope I've cleared up any misconceptions you may have had.

Martin ScanandTarget Community Manager [email protected]


answered Dec 15 '11 at 08:41

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edited Dec 15 '11 at 12:48

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