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What device do you recommend to block the signal on a vehicle black box which my company have just introduced to my vehicle?

asked Feb 20 '15 at 03:33

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Thanks for your enquiry.

This black box can use different frequencies to transmit the signal to the base station.

The transmitted signal is not so powerful inside your vehicle so the portable jammer will be effective against it.

The main question is what frequencies are being transmitted from the device to the base station.

If you don't know the model of the black box it is almost impossible to detect these frequencies.

So the best you can do is to jam all possible bands of GSM, GPS, 3G, 4G (LTE and WIMAX) and WIFI.

For this purpose our TITAN jammer will be the best solution.

It will disable the black box with the probability of 100%.

If you need something cheaper, you can try our FF15 jammer

It jams GPS and GSM frequencies and will surely disable 90% of black boxes which are currently on the market.

However, there is a small chance some black box models will not be jammed.

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answered Feb 20 '15 at 09:31

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