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Firstly I am Nordic and that's why I emailed you guys in the first place. I know other products are inferior.

These are which frequencies I want to jam. The 145MHz is ok that's within my required range for VLF however 429-437MHz is not in the UHF range that I need to block. Your jammer only starts at 450MHz.

Bio telemetry transponders / EEG Tracking / phonon Maser / holograms / silent sound audio / haarp / voice to skull V2K / NORAD - its getting out of hand nowadays and I have to protect myself and my family and my career from sociopathic gang stalkers and perpetrators:

Video #1

Video #2

I am worried that the UV30 jammer does not block the entire UHF band. I can hopefully use a microcontroller to program an EEPROM interfaced to the jammer. Specs attached for forwarding to your manufacturing engineers.

(1) But hey can I buy a good jammer that lets me set the frequencies jammed if its not the whole band.

(2) Does it have a USB port for interface into the laptop for programming. If its adjustable I'll take it.

(3) Can you build one custom jammer for me? I'll give a whole list of mind control frequencies even ELF 2.5Hz-20kHz (what your brain runs at I need to block). HAARP uses them and the satellites also run them.

Kind Regards

Michael Walchelyn

asked Apr 12 '12 at 09:46

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edited Apr 12 '12 at 09:48

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JammerStore ♦♦

Hi Michael!

Indeed, UV30 UHF VHF jammer is not the best option in your case. If you want to successfully block the full list of frequencies you need, you can avoid reprogramming any jammer by yourself. So I will answer all your questions in the same order you have asked them.

(1) Yes, you can buy a good jammer that lets you set the frequencies you want to block. Moreover, there are two such jammers for you to select from: the first one is the desktop multifrequency signal jammer that has powerful output and its output power is also adjustable. You can determine the frequencies you want to block by it before the actual purchase for our engineers to program those frequencies into the jammer and you will use it with the blocking ability of the frequency bands you need, even if it is not the full band.

The second jammer is the best cell phone jammer named MONSTRO - the portable version of multifrequency jammer but the frequencies it blocks are already programmed and cannot be changed. Still you can switch on and off 6 bands this jammer can block, totaling with 10 frequency types.

(2) There are no USB ports on the jammers but as long as multifrequency desktop jammer is adjustable you can buy it easily.

(3) As I have already said, we can make pre-tuning of the multifrequency jammer and it will jam all frequencies you need. The only exception are so called "mind control frequencies". We are not making such electronic warfare devices because it is absolutely illegal and is considered as the weapon manufacturing, so only the military facilities can produce such devices which work with those frequencies.

In order to protect your brain from those ELF waves you need to use protective helmet or something like that, and I guess it must work using the principles of Faraday cage yet not for electric charges but for low frequency ELF waves, blocking them from entering into your head.

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answered Apr 12 '12 at 10:07

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JammerStore ♦♦

I am trying to block the wi-fi and cell towers from my home, which is in the countryside any ideas? I get headaches from them

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answered Apr 14 '12 at 14:26

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Dear Budagirl!

In order to block WiFi and cell towers you need to place multifrequency desktop jammer inside your house. It will block those wireless signals and stop your headaches.

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answered Apr 17 '12 at 09:35

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JammerStore ♦♦

Is there a product out there that could modify signal-hopping ELF waves...I am a targeted individual who is being electronically harrassed. I believe that they are using directional ELF waves to broadcast "evoked potentials" that may be piggybacked on cell-phone signals. There is a whole community of us being harrassed by the NSA here in the states..Can you help?

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answered Sep 05 '13 at 16:35

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Hello, Zephyr! Your question was moved to a separate section here.

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answered Sep 09 '13 at 03:45

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JammerStore ♦♦

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