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I was at war in Iraque and was injured badly there. My squad was on patrol in the streets when the IED has blown up in a trash can near us. My leg was injured badly and they have made a lot of surgery on it. At the hospital they told me that they have mounted a of lot implants there.

But recently I’ve read on the internet that there is a chip mounted in every implant that can tell doctors everything about the surgery that was made. And also there was info on the web that I can be tracked through that chip and I want to stop it!

asked Sep 25 '12 at 13:12

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Hello John, you’re right, there chips that are installed on most of implants.

Those RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips work like links between an implant and digital version of personal health record. This chip also stays with you and you can’t be affected by it. You can calm down, because the frequencies that chip uses are low and the waves are low-ranged. Their maximum range is approximately 30 meters. In theory, in practice it will be less.

They usually use the so called VHF/UHF frequencies band and they are 140-180/450-480 Mhz. They were made just for the medical purposes. And I can say that they are almost untraceable. On the other hand, the Hi-end RFID chip can be tracked due to high output power.

And if you would like to jam that microchip’s signals for sure – we have a solution. It is universal VHF/UHF/RFID jamming device. You should also keep in mind that those frequencies are used by CCTV cameras and Near Field Communications (NFC) technologies. So if the jammer is on they will not work either. Its blocking range is huge and it will do to cover your entire house or office.

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answered Sep 25 '12 at 13:16

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