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What kinds of questions can I ask?
It goes without saying that these questions should concern cell phone jammers, their types, fields of application, etc. Just before you ask, please make certain to look for a similar question. You can look for questions by their tags, title or content.

What kinds of questions should I evade here?

Please evade asking questions that are not related to this particular community, are either too privy or disputable.

What should be evaded in my answers?

OSQA: Open Source Q&A Community is a question and answer web site – it is not considered to be any kind of discussion group. Please evade conducting debates in your answers as they are apt to sidetrack the main point of both questions and answers. For short discussions please make use of commenting option.

Why are email notifications of vital importance?

Email notifications are the basic concept of any prosperous question and answer web site. These notifications give the splendid opportunity to the members of this community being informed of significant events that are given below:
• When their questions have been replied to
• When other members of the community ask new questions, answer, or comment on

The advancement of our community reclines on community member participation, and members are much more probably to become participating, active member on our site when they are informed of developments that are of great interest. For this reason our community regards a valid email address as the demand for taking part in the community and making use of this web site.
When you are already a member of our community and haven't confirmed your email address, you can do it right now by clicking here. If you are not yet a member of our web site, sign up by creating a new account.

Who moderates this web site?

The answer is rather simple: we are. This community is moderated by administration. We watch every member of our community to comply with the rules of our web site.

Do you still have questions?

You are welcome! Please ask your questions and help us to make our web site more perfect!

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